Saturday, May 2, 2009

Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry

As most of you can probably relate, I love free stuff. This has become a bit of a downfall in college and in my post college years because it means I am more likely to eat crappily. At work, for example, I get a free pastry so of course I take advantage of that every shift. Even though pastries are sugary, fattening, and have no real nutritional value, I choose to eat them on a regular basis. I also get free soda. In college I had nearly stopped my soda intake for 4 years, but all that is a waste because now I'm addicted to Coke Zero and Sprite Zero. I hate you stupid genetically engineered sweetener that makes the diet taste just as good as the regular!
Now my "acceptable soda" scope has broadened because today I tried Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry. There were people handing them out for free at the corner of Canal and Bourbon, what was I supposed to do, say no? Yeah right! Free means my money stays my money so I'll take you free samples and I'll love you!
Ignatius likes Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry
And so do I

The taste is about as good as any diet drink can be. It tastes a lot like regular, but you still get a weird diet aftertaste that I can't quite understand. But I like drinks without sugar. It doesn't yet bother me that the acid from the carbonation is probably destroying my insides...

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Amanda S. said...

You know what usually stops me from drinking soda? Carrying it home from the store. It's too heavy! But, when I'm home, and soda is readily available, I definitely drink it. My favorite is Cherry Coke Zero--I've never tried Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry, but I bet I'd like it. Now, I'm curious...