Saturday, September 26, 2009

Celebrity Jeopardy

Today I was an audience member of Jeopardy! It was a Celebrity Jeopardy episode, or more appropriately "Jeopardy Celebrity Invitational" or something like that. You know how I LOVE celebrities, so this was a wonderful moment in my life. I must admit, I was afraid it would be a bunch of celebrities I didn't know very well. However, as luck would have it, Christopher Meloni was one of the guests! I love, love, love, Law and Order SVU! I spent a good month and a half watching seasons 1-8 on Netflix last winter, so I basically feel like I know Detective Elliot Stabler as a friend. I know, it's sad, but right now I'm unemployed and still adjusting to a new place so my life is overall pretty sad.
The other two guests were Harry Shearer and Joshua Malina. Plus Alex Trebak was there, so it was basically a wonderful afternoon spent not thinking about how sadly Cal lost to Oregon today.
Also, just to give you some history of Sony Pictures Studios where the Jeopardy Studio is, I walked the same path Dorothy walked when she met the Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow. This is why I will always love southern California, no matter how much smack I may say when I'm mad or frustrated.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

easy pizza

I made myself a yummy pizza! My mom bought one of those Pillsbury pre-made pizza dough rolls that we cut into three sections (one for me, Changwook, and Dad). I used pesto for the sauce since my dislike for tomato paste sauce remians in tact, but I did cut up fresh tomato and onion. The tomato and onion accompanied the suasage, cheddar cheese, and parmesean cheese I also used for toppings. The pizza was delicious. the only thing it was missing was corn.
I'm determined to "borrow" Jon's Kitchen Aid to make fresh dough sometime soon.

Monday, September 7, 2009

chocolate covered bacon

Have I mentioned that I love bacon? Until about two years ago I was rather apathetic about bacon. When my mom made it I would eat it, but I never went out of my way to get some and never craved it.
Suddenly, though, it's all I want to eat. Today my family visited the L.A. County Fair and I broadened my bacon horizons by trying some chocolate covered bacon.
Three strips of cooked bacon covered in dark chocolate, oh my mouth waters at the thought of the union of two favorite foods.
The experience was very pleasant, though I'm now curious in making my own. The strips were really covered in chocolate so the overall taste was similar to eating lightly salted chocolate. I want to make some using Scharffen Berger chocolate and use less chocolate so the bacon taste a slightly more pronounced.
My dad thinks I'll die of clogged arteries at a young age. This may be true, but bacon is just too good to pass up.