Saturday, September 26, 2009

Celebrity Jeopardy

Today I was an audience member of Jeopardy! It was a Celebrity Jeopardy episode, or more appropriately "Jeopardy Celebrity Invitational" or something like that. You know how I LOVE celebrities, so this was a wonderful moment in my life. I must admit, I was afraid it would be a bunch of celebrities I didn't know very well. However, as luck would have it, Christopher Meloni was one of the guests! I love, love, love, Law and Order SVU! I spent a good month and a half watching seasons 1-8 on Netflix last winter, so I basically feel like I know Detective Elliot Stabler as a friend. I know, it's sad, but right now I'm unemployed and still adjusting to a new place so my life is overall pretty sad.
The other two guests were Harry Shearer and Joshua Malina. Plus Alex Trebak was there, so it was basically a wonderful afternoon spent not thinking about how sadly Cal lost to Oregon today.
Also, just to give you some history of Sony Pictures Studios where the Jeopardy Studio is, I walked the same path Dorothy walked when she met the Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow. This is why I will always love southern California, no matter how much smack I may say when I'm mad or frustrated.

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