Monday, June 7, 2010

Flight of the Conchords

This post is a week late, but here are some pictures from the Flight of the Conchords show Angel and I attended at the Hollywood Bowl May 30. The openers included: Kristen Schaal, Arj Barker, and Eugene Mirman. All three were funny, I especially enjoyed Kristen's Law and Order SVU sketch and Eugene's tea party advertisements.



Grant it our seats were far, they were also cheap (still unemployed) and we still fully enjoyed the show. Just to finally see them live was great, neither Angel nor I were picky about where we saw them from. They put on a wonderful show.

I haven't seen much of season 2 yet. I know, I shouldn't call myself a fan if I haven't even watched the second season, you all know I have plenty of time to watch other shows. My only excuse is that I am lame. I do own season 2, so I support them, I just am really lame.
On the upside, most of the songs they performed were from season one, and the other songs were just nice little surprises. My favorite songs include Jenny, Albi the Racist Dragon, Business Time, and Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros. New songs that I liked included: Epileptic dog and Oh, Dance, Baby.

Seriously, I love these guys. They have an unparelled ability to make even the most mundane thing hilarious. Mike says it's about the delivery, but I think the New Zealand accent helps. Also, in their case, it's about the banter used to deliver.

Here is a video from the show

In related news, I have a tendecy to name inanimate objects in my life. Don't pretend like you don't have a name for inanimate objects in your life. Well my pretty green Dell is named Albi and my external hard drive is Leggy Blonde, but I can't decide on a name for the phone. So many to choose from, any suggestions?

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Stephanie said...

your phone: I vote for "jenny" or "definitely in the top 3"