Sunday, July 18, 2010


I know I talk a lot about TV and movies and stuff unrelated to food on this blog, but I hope you can enjoy all that I explore in the world, even if most of it is not food related.

So, I previously mentioned that Eureka is one of my favorite SyFy shows and I stand by that. The new season started a week ago and I'm hooked. Here is the thing about this show that this season might drive me crazy while simultaneously sucking me in even deeper: nothing on this show is ever finished.

The story lines are always changing and because it is in the science fiction genre, time travel and space time continuum is not out of the question. So, all this great stuff happens in the first 10 minutes of the new season and I'm thinking: "woohoo!" and then five of the main characters get pulled back in time. When they finally realize what has happened they figure out a way to go back but not without some issues. In their time they realize that the consequences of their travel are inconsequential in the grand scheme, but life altering in their own lives. And now they might be stuck in the alternate timeline forever! NOOOOO!!!!!!

On the one hand, I hate this because this is not the first time this show has pulled tricks like this. In the first season there is some time travel and as a result we see some relationships that had developed disappear. I dislike how it toys with my emotions. On the otherhand, I can appreciate how the constant changes and unpredictablitly of the show keeps me on my toes. It also shows some originality that is absent in many shows.

However, my love for the show is great so despite how it messes with me emotionally, I shall continue to watch and you all should consider doing the same.

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