Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jazmine Cafe

Two posts in one day, y'all are getting spoiled. Don't get used to it, once I find a job I am sure the posts will slow. Ironically, that will also be the time in which I actually have money to go out so people aren't always paying for me. What a sad truth, oh well.
I went with three other people from the team to a Vietnamese restaurant named Jazmine Cafe for lunch today. Dave and Jessica, a couple on the team recommended the place so I visited with some high expectations. I settled on a lunch special, Vegtable Summer Roll Noodle Salad Bowl (Bun Cha Gio Chay), and opted for the soup (chicken broth with vegetables) rather than the salad since I had a poor salad experience the day before. I noticed that the restaurant had bubble tea slushies and I have been looking for some good boba drinks so I decided to try the Green Apple slushy with tapioca. I don’t usually like the slushy drinks because they make the boba hard, are sweeter, and as the drink melts the taste deteriorates. All these things were true of this drink, but I expected it so I wasn’t disappointed. I prefer a simple milk tea with boba, but I don’t have a whole lot of choices in New Orleans so I thought I would try it anyways. I was excited when I had finished the liquid and what was left was thawed bobas, that was a pleasant surprise at the end.

The soup was really good, the broth was so flavorful. My friend Jessica says that the soups are really good here and that when the weather starts to cool off it is definitely worth trying more of the soups. I think I will, based on this experience I am happy to return for more.

My lunch was quite good, too. It was so filling and for a good price, only $6.25+tax for the food. The sauce/dressing they provided I think was lacking in flavor which made the noodles pretty bland. Some people like the dressing lite but I prefer something with more flavor to hide the lack of flavor that noodles naturally have.

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