Saturday, November 8, 2008


At work on Thursday a customer and co-worker excitedly explained to me what a satsuma is. The customer had a green/orange citrus in hand that was a size between an orange and a clementine. She explained to me that it is satsuma season and that they are the BEST citrus fruit ever. She explained to me firmness and color of a ripe satsuma so that I would be able to buy some.
The next day Ellen and I went to the grocery store instead of running, and I decided to pick up some satsumas. They look remarkably like Clementine's, only more green and not as uniform in size. After returning home I tried the tasty fruit and discovered that it is very much like a mandarin orange. I then went home and did some research and discovered that the satsuma is the Louisiana equivalent to Florida and California mandarins. I was kind of disappointed to realize that the fruit I thought was exotic is actually just a twin to fruit I grew up with. *sigh*
They are really good, though.

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