Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mute Math

I am gradually getting introduced to New Orleans music. I love the jazz, but I also love the more alternative and rock sounds the local musicians are playing.
Recently, the Coats' introduced me to Mute Math. Love the music! Also, the videos that the band releases on their youtube channel are very fun to watch.
For music videos I recommend Typical which can be viewed as the official video or even more amazing as a live performance.
Now, I recommend watching the video, than the live performance because you will be amazed with how they are able to recreate the video live.
For a fun vlog, check out Paper Darren.
Now their debut album came out last year so they aren't new, but I have not heard of them so I thought I would share them with y'all. I just read that the band has a song on the new Twilight soundtrack, so keep you ears open for them.


Amanda S. said...

The Typical video is INCREDIBLE! I watched them both... it was really difficult for me to comprehend how that was even feasible. I found a video that plays the live performance in reverse (that is, forward): Mind-boggling. Thanks for sharing. :-)

cinr said...

i looked it up on wikipedia, and i found out the jimmy kemmel video was pre-recorded and editted.
they are still awesome though, also i found out they use to be in a Christian band called earthsuit,
hahahaha, WAY different