Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today is a warm day here in Fontucky, a day perfect for banana ice cream and a Summer 2010 mix. Thank you friends :)

I have kept a distance from the kitchen for quite some time now. I am not entirely sure why, but I speculate that the absence of friends who love cooking is partially to blame. In college it was always "let's make dinner!" and now it's like "where should we go for dinner?" My sister loves to bake, so there are always sweets in the house. It actually feels like college all over again, in that regard. However, even in college I was never big on baking.

So, what can get me back into the kitchen? A recipe so simple that I am challenged to take it up and succeed. Failure is not a good starting point for me in the kitchen, so I needed something so easy I couldn't fail. Big thanks to i ate everything for providing the recipe.

Step 1: cut a banana into slices
Step 2: place banana slices on plate, and place plate in freezer for an hour
Step 3: place frozen banana slices in food processor

Step 4: process that stuff up
Step 5: add any additional ingredients for bonus flavor

I added some marshmallow creme (leftover from my sweet potato fries) and peanut butter.
Step 6: eat

The marshmallow creme didn't mix up very smoothly, but other than that little snag things went very well for me today. As I said to Steph, it is blade licking delicious. Just be careful not to hurt yourself if you do lick the blades. I can't imagine there being anything worse than a cut tongue.

On a related note, on Sunday I thought about making gnocchi. It will be done soon, my friends. Diana comes into town around my birthday, so maybe there is a nice, homemade Italian dinner in our future

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