Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Magic Castle

Susan and I sent another lovely Saturday night at the Magic Castle, thank you very much Susan's dad.

I went dress shopping for the event. I love dress shopping. Man, being in a sorority really changes a person. I suppose I should consider it a blessing in disguise that we only go twice a year to the Magic Castle, otherwise I might go dress shopping a lot more often.

Anyways, back to the Magic Castle. No celebrity sitings this time around, but there was some great entertainment. The host in the Palace, David Deeble, was hilarious. We also saw a mentalist in the Hat and Hare Lounge. Susan seemed unimpressed by his ability to guess the card she had in her hand, but I ate it up. If I try and think about it logically, I'll just be disappointed and/or confused.

So, I have been noticing that the performers in the Palace are getting younger, or rather we have seen a lot of young performers in that room. Remember that Mickey Mouse magician, he was like 18 years old! So yeah, I feel highly underaccomplished in my life. Also, I'm thinking how can I seduce one of these magicians (not the 18 year old, that would be weird) because I'd like to marry a member of the Magic Castle so I can go there all the time. And then I could go dress shopping all the time! Ah! I like this dream.

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