Monday, April 27, 2009

My Southwest

God heard my praises and wanted to shower me with even more reason to luv Southwest:

I booked my flight to the Bay Area for the summer, May 26th-June 9th (two FULL weeks!)

$35 each way! I've never spent less than $39 for a one-way flight on Southwest, this is truly a glorious day of celebration.
Of course with taxes and stuff I end up paying a good bit more than $35 each way, but still the round-trip ticket was less than $100 when all taxes and stuff were included.

When I'm finished with Cru stuff (if I ever decide to finish, that is) I dream of being a flight attendant for Southwest. It's a serious dream, I even contemplated pursuing it earlier this year when I was still unsure as to what I wanted to do next. Could I luv an airline any more than I love Southwest Airlines? I don't think so.

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Susan said...

this is just amazing! too bad this is like the only time I have no where to fly to :(