Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I luv Southwest Airlines!
They have remained consistently loyal, through the good and the bad. but even before this whole mess where other airlines started adding charges for checked baggage and stopped offering food on flights I luved Southwest. My very first flight was on a Southwest flight, so maybe my loyalty stems from that, but my loyalty remains because they continue to surprise me and make me feel special.
Last summer while I was flying back from San Antonio (after the best road trip ever!) my flight got stuck in Phoenix for several hours. There was nothing the airline could do because the reason for being grounded was weather (Arizona has beautiful thunderstorms in the summer) so it's not like I was angry with the airline or anyone really because the situation was beyond being controllable. However, when I moved home later that month I found a letter from Southwest that apologized for the inconvenience and included a $200 voucher!
I luved Southwest before that because Rapid Rewards has flown me for free to New York, Annaopolis, and Oakland for weddings and visits.
This weekend I found one more surprise from Southwest that only intensifies my luv.

Honey-Roasted Peanuts! This does not often happen, I have grown use to being handed the little blue bags of Dry-Roasted Peanuts and I eat them. I'm grateful for whatever they have to offer because I know other flights aren't offering anything. But man, it was like my birthday because on both my flights the flight attendants handed out two gold little bags of Honey-Roasted Peanuts and I luved the feeling.
Dear Southwest Airlines,
I luv you. Please don't stop luving your customers and please continue the pattern of Honey-Roasted Peanuts. I also enjoy the 100 Calorie Snack Paks you offer on longer flights. If you stay loyal, I promise to stay loyal.
Devoted SW Flyer

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Lena said...

you should send something like this to southwest. I had a friend that wrote gushing letters of appreciation to companies, and she would often get free stuff in return...