Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Prytania

Tonight I visited The Prytania theatre in Uptown with some friends.
The theatre was on my NOLA bucket list, I forget when I first heard about it but I remember hearing from multiple sources that I should really check it out. In A Confederacy of Dunces, Ignatius visits the theatre. I have not gotten to that part in the book yet, but I imagine the Prytania of Ignatius's time is different.
Why is it such a big deal? It is the only single screen theatre in Louisiana, and the oldest operating theatre in New Orleans (opened in 1915).
It is located in a really plain brick building that does not give off the vibe of a theatre, at least not one I've ever visited. On the website there are pictures of the old building, and I prefer the look of the older building.
You walk into the building and the concession stand is immediately in front of you. To either side of you are small sets of stairs, each leading to a different side of the single theatre. The interior of the theatre looks like many small theatres I've visited.
All in all, it wasn't anything spectacular. Then again, maybe I'm just being negative because I didn't really enjoy the movie I watched, I'll save that for another post though.

Price: $7.75
Additional info: the screen is really large. The friends I met there had parked it in row 4 and as soon as the previews started I knew the movie was going to be hard to watch from that close proximity. It ended up not being so bad, but I really don't recommend sitting that close. Since the theatre is not very busy, there is rarely ever going to be a "need" to sit there.

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