Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baker's Drive Thru

Baker's Drive Thru is one of my favorite fast food places. It is a small family owned chain in San Bernardino and Riverside County. The chain was founded in 1952 and prides itself on being "America's First Twin Kitchen." The "Twin Kitchen" is in reference to the American Kitchen (the hamburger grill) and the Mexican Kitchen (the taco/burrito bar). I worked at a Baker's Drive Thru in high school, but I was a fan as a child. After church my family would stop by the Baker's that once stood on Valley Blvd. for lunch. As a young child I never dreamed that I would one day work behind the counter.

Great food, close to home
Why are they so good? Several reasons:
1) The burger patties are lightly salted which really brings out the flavor and I believe helps set their burgers apart from other chains.
2) The milkshakes are hand-dipped and blended by the employees when you order them, so they are fresh and creamy.
3) The French fries are just delicious. Golden, lightly salted, and crispy.
4) Baker's has Haberno Ketchup, JalapeƱo Hot Sauce, as well as the usual mild hot sauce and Heinz Ketchup, which adds delicious spice to the already amazing food.
5) The twin kitchen aspect really is great because sometimes I really want a hamburger and a taco, and I don't want to have to go to two different places to satiate that need.

They usually have great promotions, like right now you can buy 2 bean and cheese burritos, 32 oz. soft drink, and large fries for only $4! That's like a steal, seriously!
My favorite thing to order: budget meal #3, make the burrito big but hold the sour cream. The budget meals are the Baker's equivalent to Kid's Meals. The meals come with a 16 oz. drink, a small order of fries, and the meal item. The Budget number three comes with a bean and cheese burrito. "Make it big" means to add tomato, lettuce and sour cream. Squirt a little Habanero Ketchup on that burrito and I'm set to jet.

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