Tuesday, June 23, 2009


For those who spent any time with me in Berkeley, it is no surprise that I LOVE Chipotle.
I love how BIG the burritos are
and how stuffed the tacos are. I've never tried the other menu options, but I'm sure they are all realistically enough food for two meals.
I also love the combination of salt and lime that make the chips delicious (though deliciousness does vary depending on batch) and the wonderful guacamole that I have a very hard time saying no to despite how ridiculously expensive it is.
Oh avocados, you make me a happy person. Good news, I read on Yahoo! that avocados are a food that helps fight belly bulge.
I also enjoy how easy the menu is, that is once you figure out how it works, tehehe. sidenote: Menus can be so confusing and overwhelming, I think they are the most stressful thing about going out to eat. Most of the time customers are too overwhelmed by it that they just ask you, or the say something they think is right and hope they don't make a fool out of themselves. I have seen people stare at the menu for a while looking around for what they want, and when they can't find it and feel pressure to order they blurt out something like "Caramel Frappaccino" even though that is a Starbuck's drink and they are not at Starbucks. Also, I have put signs on menus like "NOT AVAILABLE" and have watched customers stare and read the sign only to proceed and order the said "NOT AVAILABLE" drink. I tell you, menus are highly stressful.

Today I took my mom to Chipotle, it was her first visit, and I had to explain to her what the menu options are. It's easy enough, but it is kind of overwhelming when the people behind the counter are like "what do you want?" and you're like "I don't know! I don't understand your menu, where are my options!" Fortunately, this was a low stress visit and a low cost visit because I had a coupon for two free burritos! WOOHOO! Saved somewhere around $12! My little brother got the coupon a few weeks earlier from 99.1 KGGI for knowing what the number one song was (Boom, Boom, Pow by BEP). I tried to talk him into going, but he is weird and doesn't like Mexican food. My mom hesitantly decided to try it. She loved her tacos, and I loved my burrito. Well, the 2/5 of my burrito that I was able to consume before my brain told me to stop. I can't believe just a few years ago I was gobbling down a whole burrito in one sitting.
So now I am off to eat some more of that lovely burrito. Yumm!

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