Sunday, June 21, 2009

Coco's Bakery and Snoopy's Reunion

Happy Father's Day!
I bought this delicious "Peppermint Patty Pie" for my dad from Coco's. Just in case you are wondering, it tastes AMAZING! A dark cookie crumb crust, chocolate pudding filling, topped with whipped cream, brownie bites, green peppermint syrup, and little sugar cookies with Peanut characters coated in sugar.

Kimm bought me a chocolate cupcake while we were there.
The chocolate frosting is so sugary, I got a serious sugar rush from it. I haven't gotten to the cake yet because I'm still waiting for the sugar overload I encountered between the two to pass. Regardless of taste, this is one of my favorite cupcakes because Sally Brown has always been my favorite Peanut. Perhaps a little known fact, Stacey Ferguson (aka Fergie) does the voice of Sally Brown in video productions from the mid-1980s

Coco's is my favorite restaurant right now because of the Peanuts promotion they are doing. The pie was delicious though, that's not just my Peanuts joy talking. The cupcake frosting was too much, and the cake has yet to be explored. I will conclude by saying that you all should buy Snoopy's Reunion! It was recently released on DVD (which is why Coco's is having this Peanuts promotion). It is the show when Snoopy and all his brothers and sisters reunite to visit the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm where they were born. Snoopy as a puppy is so adorable. And Fergie lends her voice to my favorite Peanut in the second feature on the DVD, It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown.

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