Monday, November 9, 2009

Alien Jerky

Baker, CA is more than just a giant thermometer off I-15, it is also home to delicious alien Jerky.

Last July my family stopped in Baker after being intrigued by signs advertising Alien Jerky off I-15. We expected a cheesy roadside attraction--which it very much is, complete with a car full of aliens in front of the store

but there is something in that Jerky that had us devouring it in hours and craving it ever since. I asked my mom if we could drive back to Baker just for some Jerky and although I'm convinced she would have enjoyed that, she didn't do it. Of course, when Angel and I decide to go to Vegas I informed her that we had to stop at this place. We went and enjoyed ever minute of our brief twenty minute stop, and one day later my family has already finished a bag of the jerky. I bought the turkey jerky, which I'm loving and finding it very hard to conserve when I just want to feel it all in my belly. My older brother, who loves hot things, asked me to buy him the "colon cleaning hot" flavor and I dare say he has finally discovered how much heat he can handle. "Man, colon cleaner is right, that stuff is insane...Richard tried a tiny piece and almost cried."
The Sweet and Spicy is my favorite aside from the Turkey. I think I just love things that incorporate hot and sweet, like the Carribbean Chicken sandwich at Baker's--LOVE IT!

Anyways, to conclude, I reccommend you stop by and buy yourself some Alien Jerky on your next drive to Vegas. The packages are 4 oz bags, at $8, or 3 packages for $20.

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