Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Moon LA premiere

Monday November 16 was the New Moon Premiere in Westwood, and I hear something like 10,000 people were on the streets hoping to get a glance of the stars on the red carpet. Crazy!!! Even crazier, I was there.

Jessica and I are both fans of the books, and since I'm unemployed and have nothing much going on in my life, and Jessica was able to request the days off of work, I decided we should go to Westwood to check out the "pop culture phenomenon"(as Jojo on the Radio refers to it). Neither of us have been to a premiere, so we didn't know what to expect. We got into Westwood at 6am, and found ourselves on the corner of Broxton and Weyburn in front of the two theatres short there after. There we would remain for the next 14 hours. Well, more or less. We met some great people while we were there and so we took turns saving spots so we could get food, stretch our legs, use the bathroom, and just check the scene out.

I'd say the experience of the whole event was totally worth it. I mean it was crazy, females of all ages screaming hysterically and pushing and shoving like they're trying to get away from a rabid animal, but still kind of fun. The people were the rabid animals. I know that doesn't sound fun, but it was. As an avid observer of people, this was one of those situations where you see the "real" side come out, like Mardi Gras. Worth at least one experince, maybe more if you really like taking risks (our find yourself unemployed and therefore having a lot of free time to fill).

There were Twi-hards camped out since the Thursday before in order to get a ticket to the red carpet, and others who came from out of state or country to stand on the street where we were. Jessica and I were behind a some expereinced movie premierers from Riverside (I.E. represent!), to our left was a woman who drove out from Arizona by herself, to our right were two women who flew out from Alabama, and behind us were two women from Denmark.

As the day wore on, the crowds grew. At 6, when we got there it was just a few of us on the street across from the theatre, but by the time of the premiere the sidewalks were so packed that you could no longer move. This is literally what it looked like where we were (bc this picture is about two feet to the right of where we were). But we could see the town cars and limos arrive, and wathced and heared Jojo from KIIS FM interview some stars. We saw all the twilight stars (werewolves, cullens, volturi, swans, and everyone else), plus some Glee stars (Lea Michele, Kevin McHale, and Mark Salling), Jennifer Love Hewitt with Jamie Kennedy, 50cent, and I'm sure others but I'm too tired to remember.
The best moment of the night was seeing Robert Pattinson <3 I love his smile, and his British accent! He was great to his fans, visiting us and signing autographs. I touched his hand! Definitely did not expect to see myself scream like a teeny bopper when I saw him, but I did.

I found some video and photos of the people we were with, there were so many reporters interviewing fans. Jessica was interviewed by some European station, we'll probably never see that video haha.

Our photos from the event are here. I didn't bring my camera (ok, very little planning went into this and for some reason I thought I shouldn't bring my camera because I figured I wouldn't see anything, I know I'm stupid you don't have to make me feel worse), and Jessica's started show low battery before the stars arrived so there aren't a lot of pictures. If I do this again I'm definitely coming better prepared.

The night ended with hot dogs at The Stand with Josie. Can I just say that I love Westwood. I think I just love college cities, and cities with big buildings and lots of coffee shops.

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