Monday, October 6, 2008

Art for Art's Sake

Art for Art's Sake was this weekend. I went to the Uptown celebration that is free, and close to home. Basically, a bunch of art galleries and boutiques on Magazine Street have open houses where they serve wine and hor' devours, and some hire bands to come and perform. So, imagine walking down the street at night with live jazz music on every street corner and wine in hand, as you stop by different art galleries to admire the beauty and soak in the life. It was so much fun. After a bad day at work, this was just what I needed to unwind. I'm realizing the city is a very "come as you are" kind of place, very laid back. I saw people dressed up in heels and dresses and people wearing t-shirts, jeans and flip flops, and no one looked out of place. There were whole families, elderly couples, young couples, singles of all ages, and near new-born babies. My favorite memory was seeing 10-12 year-old boys pouring wine into the glasses of 50-60 year-old women. That is how they do things in New Orleans.

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