Monday, October 6, 2008

Rue de la Course

Did I mention that this is the very first cafe, scratch that it is the very first business I ever visited in New Orleans? In Summer 2006 when I came down here for summer project this is the cafe where my small group leader took me and the other two girls in my small group for our first meeting.
The people are not super friendly, I'm told it was once on campus but the University did not extend the contract because the business was not student friendly.
The coffee is pretty strong, and the facilities are great with fee wifi and two public restrooms. As I said before it is a little pricey but I am realizing that is normal for New Orleans coffee places. How I miss moderately priced high quality coffee from the west coast.

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Amanda S. said...

Man, I wish I could find a cafe with that much seating around here. I have yet to find my new Strada! The D.C. market is dominated by Starbucks, and they're mostly the grab-and-go type with only a few tables.