Tuesday, March 16, 2010

bacon and swiss grilled sandwich

Meet my new love.

Grilled cheese has been a favorite for many years. Kraft American cheese with a slice of ham on Holsum bread, that is what my childhood was made of. Ok, actually Holsum bread was a treat that only existed in my house after a trip to Arizona or my aunt Holly had visited, but it set the grilled cheese standard pretty high in my mind.

Over the years, however, my eyes have been opened to a world of many flavors of bread and cheese, and different parts of a pig, so I've developed new cravings. This newest craving consists of sourdough bread (reflection of my love for San Francisco), Swiss cheese (because the Swiss are pretty awesome, and really close to Italy), and bacon (because bacon is good in all situations).

And it is so easy to make. I am not above eating precooked bacon, so all greasy mess is avoided. Sure it doesn't offer the same bacony goodness as fresh cooked bacon, but for someone as lazy as me it offers a delicious lunch requiring little fuss.

I'm also not above muffin mix, and I have recently discovred Fiber One Muffin Mix. Nothing like some dietary fiber to wash my insides after some bacon.

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