Monday, March 22, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Currently watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I have mixed reactions to it. On the one hand, I recognize that there are problems with what food is being served at school and that many Americans would benefit from having more healthy diets. On the other hand, I kind of don't really like Jamie Oliver's approach. I know he has good intentions, but he really hasn't tried to put himself in their shoes. It seems like he came to this city with a judgement already made and instead of listening and understanding the cafeteria workers and the school officials, he is gasping and telling them how ridiculous they are. He needs to work on his approach. At the end of this episode he starts crying because he is being misunderstood and they don't understand how great he is and how much he is helping them. It really sounds like he is doing this for him and not them, because he repeatedly talks about how great the work he is doing is.

I want this to be a show that opens people's eyes to how important a healthy diet is and how for healty food to become a priority at schools, so I hope Jamie Oliver becomes more likeable.

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